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   What are the teachers saying?
  • "The quartet engaged the audience/students from the first note."
  • "History of the instruments and how they were made was helpful."
  • "Educational with humor kept the student's attention."
  • "Loved it!"
  • "Students were able to relate to the information and have fun with it. The students learned a lot. Interactive and educational."
  • "Super presentation, content right on target. Julie and group were terrific Loved the vocabulary and explanations (visuals) Nicely done and entertaining as well."
  • "Best group ever!!!!!!
  • "FUN! New learning experiences about music styles, bow materials, difference between violin and viola. Entertaining, informational, supportive and empowering music appreciation."
  • "The presentation was fun and entertaining yet professional and educational."
  • "Highly engaging, enjoyable and educational"
  • "Terrific! Amazing!!!"